The ultimate goal of KELMENS ENGEENERING INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is to have its own identify as a most service provider in all aspects and a one stop solution for high quality. Time bound and cost effective electro mechanical services.

KELMENS ENGEENERING INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is committed to maintain 100% client’s satisfaction by certain values.
Deep integrity & Ensuring Code of Conduct.
Precious Timekeeping & Highest level of Accuracy.
Potential Leadership with an Energetic Team.
Sufficient Infrastructure for anytime Expansion.
Continuous Growth & 100% Success.


Flexible process to meet client’s business style and to build trust based relationship. KELEMENS ENGEENEERING INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED believes in close relationship with clients and allied professionals towards achieving a responsive, creative and practical project.

Time Keeping & Accuracy

We strongly believe that the speed & accuracy have to be balanced in track. Our young team is trained well to improve their speed day by day with 100% accuracy & flexible enough to work extra time even in non working days to complete the project in stipulated time. Setting benchmark continuously with integrated process & interaction between committed team members to ensure that quality levels are high from the initial stage of a project to its final outcome.