AC Drives

KELMENS ENGINEERING INDIA PVT.LTD. is a specialist electrical contractor and Installation Company offering integrated solutions to help the clients with diverse needs to get integrated energy solutions. The AC Drives manufactured by us help the customers to make safe energy and become much more reliable, efficient and productive. Our range of solutions is wide and we are the best AC Drives Manufacturing Company in North India with Well configurations. All our AC Drives confirm to the building regulations of the local and state authority.

A design focussed on integration

1 - Advanced functions for increased productivity (integrated PID, multi-speed, etc.)
2 - Easy communication with all other machine components via integrated universal Modbus serial link
3 - Smaller footprint, notably in terms of the depth of equipment, as the baseplate mounted version dissipates heat into the machine frame

No compromise on quality

1 - The factory settings, which provide a high quality drive from the very first time the power is turned on
2 - The integration of Standard (U/f), Performance (sensorless flux vector control, or SVC) and Pump/Fan (quadratic profile Kn²) control profiles
3 - High dynamic performance on acceleration as well as on braking
4 - Excellent speed regulation on machine load surges
5 - Reduced noise and maintenance